Our Why Statement

Ray Charles, and Martin Luther King Jr., two pioneers, which are known internationally in terms of their respective historical context, are two of my heroes. I absolutely love the way Ray Charles pronounced Georgia in his world-famous song “Georgia on my mind” the song that became the Georgia’s state song, and was performed in the Georgia Legislative Chamber. I have enjoyed “Georgia on my mind” and many of Rays recorded works, movies, and admire how Ray Charles overcame struggles and obstacles of becoming blind and still being able to have a long, successful career.

Martin Luther King Jr., world renowned advocate for civil rights and fierce advocate for peace and his immortalized history and works tied to Georgia are etched in stone related to historical importance.

“Go West, young man" is a phrase often credited to the American author Horace Greeley concerning America's expansion westward. Many pioneers who settled in Iowa came from states to the east. They came in large numbers from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and New York. What attracted pioneer settlers to migrate to Iowa? Historians tell us about push/pull factors. There were forces that helped to push settlers west. That is, there were reasons why pioneers wanted to leave the east and move to new lands in the west. Historians also believe there were factors that helped pull settlers west. There were reasons why moving west sounded better to the pioneer settler than staying in the east. Pioneer settlers were sometimes pulled west because they wanted to make a better living. Others received letters from friends or family members who had moved west. These letters often told about a good life on the frontier.

As I consider myself pioneer, Georgia has a rich history of original Georgian pioneers, and other pioneers from all over the world that had, or has the same mentality and reasons as early American pioneers, but relates now for current time to go southeast, more particularly the state of Georgia, as location is key to any entrepreneur’s success.

Well, Georgia has been on my mind for many years now. My love for Georgia, in terms of her historical context, being and original Southern boy, its Southern hospitality, the new Mecca for fashion, entertainment, fine dining and cuisine , and home now to many budding entrepreneurs from all over the world. I’ve always wanted to be a part of that culture, become a part of its rich history, and give back to its grass root communities issues, causes, and concerns. This is why I came up with the brand Jawja Apparel and Accessories. Jawja, you know, like Ray Charles pronounced it.